Manzi wa Kibera’s Ex-Lover Laments After Break-Up- ‘Hashiki Simu Zangu

The once high-profile relationship between socialite Manzi wa Kibera and her older ex-lover Nzioki has taken a stark turn, marked by financial struggles and accusations of infidelity.

Nzioki, appearing visibly distressed in a recent video, reveals he’s lost his belongings and faces stressful living conditions after the breakup. He claims to have spent his savings catering to Manzi’s needs and blames his financial downturn for the relationship’s demise.

“She took everything,” he laments, adding that Manzi’s behavior changed upon discovering his financial woes. His pleas to work things out fell on deaf ears, leading to the eventual split.

However, Manzi paints a different picture. She blames the breakup on Nzioki’s alleged infidelity, accusing him of cheating with multiple women and causing her emotional pain so severe she sought solace in chewing Miraa, damaging her teeth.

“Anabore. Nilichukua phone yake nikaenda kwa messages nikapatana na messages. Alikuwa anacheat na madem wengi. Walikuwa wanamuambia awachane na mimi akiwatumia pesa,” she said.

Adding another layer to the narrative, Manzi unveils her new partner, Daniel Njau, further solidifying the separation from Nzioki.

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