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‘Mapastor wa Mpesa;’ Joe Muchiri tells off popular preacher while defending Eric Omondi

March 15, 2021 at 10:36
'Mapastor wa Mpesa;’ Joe Muchiri tells off popular preacher while defending Eric Omondi

Joe Muchiri clearly knows nothing about chills. He speaks or writes whatever he feels like – not considering how others feel; but oh well, the selfish trait has somehow helped build his brand.

This past weekend, Joe Muchiri who is well known media personality; and a popular drunk (according to the comments) was caught up in a heated argument following a post shared by one Blakaende.

joe muchiri

Joe Muchiri

In the post – the popular ‘pastor T’ is heard condemning Eric Omondi for Wife Material season 2; and just like everyone else, Pastor T felt that Eric not only using these women as objects but was openly embarrassing them for his own good.

Pastor T to Eric Omondi

Being a man of God, Pastor T must have felt the need to address especially with hundreds of youths who attend his service. Probably this example – was to help show what happens to the girl child in our society; when one wants to make easy and fast cash.

Joe Muchiri calls out Pastor T for hypocrisy

Well, Joe Muchiri who happened to come across the post did not hold back from blasting the pastor for clout chasing using famous names that is Eric Omondi. He wrote;

🚮If he was a real pastor he would be helping the real people in need not clout chasing with famous names

To which a fan responded by asking;

Bro ningetaka kujua from you how you define a real pastor

Zero chills

Well I hear people describe Joe Muchiri as an arrogant short man; but come on we can’t crucify him for his opinions whether good or bad. Anyway, according to Joe Muchiri – a real pastor is;

Yule hajaweka Mpesa numbers kwa screen

Joe Muchiri vs Pastor T




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