Maureen Waititu finally accepts to co-parent with Frankie Just Gym It

Image: Maureen Waititu with their sons

Frankie Just Gym It, the baby’s father, and social media celebrity Maureen Waititu have finally put their disagreements aside and decided to co-parent their two sons.

Maureen recently shared her happiness about finding a way to parent their boys jointly in a YouTube interview with Lynn Ngugi.

“It’s good. It’s very new to us. We recently started co-parenting. We have been very careful not to make it about us, so we have been out there talking about it, but yes, we are co-parenting.”

Adding that they are all moving on after their breakup with her baby daddy roughly five years ago, she said she is pleased to see her two sons spending time with their father.

The creator of the content also discussed the process of reconstructing her life, including the emotional agony caused by cyberbullying, which nearly caused her to give up using social media.

She overcame all of these obstacles by remaining true to herself and avoiding pointless conflict.

“There was nothing normal about what I was going through.”

She acknowledged that her support network of friends and family had helped her get through those trying times.

She recalled specific instances from 2019 that had a significant impact on who she was as a person.

“When God decides to send a message, he will even use your most painful moments to do that. This (2019) is the year that made me who I am, and the bigger message is being sent through whatever I went through. Nobody should make the mistake of thinking it’s a woiyee story. It’s life. Life happens, and we are here to see another day.”

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