Maureen Waititu opens up about co-parenting with Frankie Just Gym It

Maureen Waititu, a Kenyan content creator, is now in a good place after having a difficult co-parenting relationship with her ex-partner, Frankie Just Gym It.

The couple was once considered a “couple goal” on social media, but their relationship ended in a nasty breakup after five years together. The split took a toll on Waititu’s mental health.

Initially, co-parenting their two sons was challenging, as they would accuse each other of shortcomings. The tension between them even led to Frankie being unable to see his sons for a while.

However, Waititu says that they are now in a good place as far as co-parenting is concerned. She is grateful that her sons can now see both of their parents, which was her biggest dream.

Waititu is also in a good place mentally and physically. She says that she is “cursing nicely” and that her mental, physical, and emotional health are all good. She believes that healing from her breakup has helped her to be a better person.

Waititu also addressed the perception that men tend to favor dating single mothers with female children. She believes that this is a myth and that it is more important to focus on how one raises their children.

“How you raise your kids will reflect as they grow,” she said. “Of course the boys will be protective of me, but if they aren’t used to seeing uncle so and so around you, they will grow with an understanding when they come of age and you introduce them to your new guy.”

Waititu is an inspiration to many single mothers. She is proof that it is possible to overcome a difficult breakup and to co-parent effectively. She is also a reminder that it is important to focus on your own healing and to not let your past define you.

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