Maureen Waititu responds to Frankie Just Gym It’s sexy photo with Mammito

Frankie JustGymIt, a fitness instructor and father of four, posted a photo on his Instagram page yesterday with comedian Mammito. The two were posing together in what looked like a club, and they both looked very comfortable in each other’s presence. Mammito was wearing a red miniskirt, and Frankie had on black leather pants and a flowery open shirt.

The photo was met with mixed reactions in the comments section. Some people were supportive of the two, while others warned Mammito that she could become Frankie’s third baby mama. Frankie’s ex-partner, Maureen Waititu, also commented on the photo, writing “Weuh!ūü§£” This suggests that the former couple may be in a better place now than they were when they split up.

Overall, the photo sparked a lot of discussion about Frankie’s love life. It remains to be seen whether Mammito and Frankie are just friends or if there is something more going on between them.

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