“Me and you are not on the same level” Willy Paul tells Diana Bahati

Looks like Willy Paul has a new competitor, Diana Marua but being the controversial person he is; Willy Paul cannot imagine himself competing against Bahati’s wife who is a registered artist.

So far the two artists have been throwing shade at each other on social media with Pozee accusing Diana Marua of buying YouTube views like her husband; while Diana Marua says Pozee is threatened to have her join the music industry.

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Speaking during a recent interview, Diana Marua accused Pozee’s current behavior on jealousy; since he feels threatened by the views she keeps hitting on YouTube which means she is above him.

Willy Pozee responds

Having come across the interview, Pozee decided to hit back in a now deleted post where he called out Diana Marua for assuming they are on the same level.

The controversial love artist through his Instagram page went on to write;

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Diana, unajua mambo yeti. Please be very careful a what you say about me, just because Bwana yako ametoa shilingi tatu akanunua views kama yeye….isikudanganye. Hatutishani na hatutawai toshana Wewe bishana na &queebp254…lets leave it at that. Wewe endelea na comedy yako na mimi niskume album yangu noma ONE MAN.

This comes hours after Diana and Bahati announced about the 1 million views; but judging from how fans reacted to the news….let’s just say many believe that iko kitu.

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