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Meet the 24-year-old who loved Diamond’s hustle so much that he wrote a book about him  

April 16, 2019 at 12:09
Meet the 24-year-old who loved Diamond's hustle so much that he wrote a book about him  

Motivational speaker Suleiman Ndoro knows how Diamond Platnumz managed to defy all odds to become the biggest artist East Africa has ever seen. Most people do.

But unlike many others who only enjoy his songs, Ndoro also loved how he managed to do it all. The 24 year old speaker decided to capture it all this in his new book ‘Success secrets from Diamond Platnumz’.

The book is about how Diamond came from nothing  to the artists he is and how he did it in just a decade.

With 110 pages, the book has 40 chapters, which explain in detail the artiste’s success secrets.

“It’s a motivational book that discusses the good things we can learn from Diamond Platnumz. Of course, there was some negative criticism. There was always the question, is Diamond really the right person? Why not talk about a musician from Kenya? Isn’t he an Illuminati?” Ngoro said.


‘Education is not the key to success’, ‘Sing good songs’, ‘Believe in yourself’, ‘Avoid destructive criticism (people will always talk)’, ‘Change can’t into can’ and ‘Breakthrough takes time’ are the titles inside the book as Ndoro break everything down.

Ndora said that he hopes his books will give him international recognition which will help him uplift others.

“I want to grow to an international level for both me and my business and also hold the hands of my fellow young people and light their candles,” the motivational writer said.



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