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Meet the hot fella looking to become Eric Omondi’s wife (Photos)

October 14, 2021 at 11:33
Meet the hot fella looking to become Eric Omondi’s wife (Photos)

Eric Omondi has a tough job with Wife material season 3 because unlike the two times he has held his show; this time around an LGBT guy decided to send in his application hoping to bag the handsome Eric Omondi. Yes it’s happening!

Well, Socialite cum makeup artist Dennis Karuri handed in his application for wife material season three through his Instagram page.

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As seen on his post, Dennis Karuri not only flaunted his petite body; but went on to pitch why Eric should pick him instead of the ladies competing against him. On the video, Karuri said;

Eric Omondi

 Hi, Eric, my name is Dennis, from Nairobi, Kenya. All this time you haven’t found a wife. Ask yourself one question. Have you ever gotten a taste of this? (Pointing at his own body). Refresh your taste. Refresh your choices.

Shooting his shot

Just incase you thought Karuri was playing around with the opportunity of bagging Eric Omondi as a husband; the make up artist went on to name some of the qualities he believes the comedian is looking for in a wife.

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As seen on the now deleted clip on Instagram, Dennis Karuri went on to say;

Honey, I am that sweet girl that everyone is asking for. Who be that sweet girl? Who be that sweet girl? It’s me. Yes, it’s me. Honey I got nyash. I got breasts. Small breast. I got brains. I got a face, I can cook. Normally that is what you call a wife material. Honey that is what you call a wife material.

Well, judging by the fact that Karuri seems to have better taste in terms of dressing, makes his own money; and is attractive – I bet he might also bring the sauce to wife material season 3. Yes?



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