Mejja Explains The Meaning Behind “Mtoto wa Khadija”

Veteran Genge artist Mejja, known for hits like “Utawezana,” has shed light on the reason behind his signature moniker “Mtoto wa Khadija” (Son of Khadija).

Mejja, whose real name is Major Nameye Khadija, revealed that having a feminine surname often led to questions and even mockery. He grew tired of explaining his unique last name, particularly to security guards upon showing his ID.

In a clever move to both embrace his heritage and address the constant inquiries, Mejja began incorporating “Mtoto wa Khadija” into his music.

“The world would get familiar with it,” he explained, “so when you see me, you won’t ask that question.”

This dedication to his surname extends beyond music. Mejja expressed his deep admiration for his mother, the source of his last name. He even plans to honor her by naming his upcoming album after her and featuring her on the cover.

“She’s the one who raised me to where I am today,” Mejja said, acknowledging his mother’s unwavering support and sacrifices.

The rapper, who hails from Majengo, Nyeri County, has two siblings. He has been among the legendary artists who are still thriving in the music industry despite their years.

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