Mejja Narrates How He Almost Became A Truck Driver Before Venturing Into Music (Video)

Legendary musician Mejja is without a doubt one of the best when it comes to making hit songs over & over. He’s all you need to make your song a hit if you’re a musician. He’s just a musical genius. But all this impeccable talent could have gone to waste several years ago.

Mejja Almost Became A Truck Driver

Mejja |

Yep, you read the title right. Even though he’s one of the most celebrated musicians, he would have taken another path if he did not believe in himself through his music. Sharing with Presenter Ali, Mejja narrated how poverty would have driven him into becoming a truck driver- not just the regular ones, but those who deliver goods in different countries- since he loves travelling.

”Nikasema, so since maisha imetupeleka vile imetupeleka, mi ntakuwa dere wa trela.”

Mejja also said that his neighbor also expedited his thoughts to move to truck driving. But he loved music because of his brother, who was already doing music before him.

‘But ngoma ilikuwa ni kitu napenda. Lakini ni kwa sababu ya brother wangu. Alikuwa na group walikuwa wanajiita ghetto clan.”

Mejja is among the handful number of musicians who have thrived in music for several years and are still relevant.

Watch his full interview video below;

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