Mercy Kyallo Explains Why She Stole Another Woman’s Boyfriend


Mercy Kyallo recently sat down with Mpasho to answer some quick-fire questions. In the interview, she revealed that she has stolen something in the past, but only to help someone who was being mistreated. She also said that she loves both of her sisters equally.

When asked if she had ever stolen anything, Kyallo said, “Yes, I have stolen something in the past. But it was not for myself. I stole something to help someone who was being mistreated.”

Kyallo did not say what she stole or who she stole it from, but she said that she felt justified in her actions because the person she was helping was in a bad situation.

Kyallo was also asked who her favorite sister is. She said, “I love both of my sisters equally. They are both amazing women and I am so lucky to have them in my life.”

Kyallo’s sisters are Jolene and Melissa. Jolene is a businesswoman and Melissa is a TV presenter. Kyallo has said that she is close to both of her sisters and that they are always there for each other.

In the interview, Kyallo also talked about her new show, Kyallo Kulture. The show is a reality TV show that follows Kyallo and her family as they go about their lives. Kyallo said that she is excited about the show and that she hopes it will give people a glimpse into her life.

Kyallo Kulture premiered on May 23, 2023. The show airs on KTN Home.


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