Miguna Miguna Warns Moses Kuria Against Using Mother Tongue on Twitter

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has warned Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria against using his mother tongue on Twitter, saying that it is inappropriate for a public official to do so.

Miguna said that Kuria, who is the Cabinet Secretary for Industrialization, Trade and Investment, should only speak in his mother tongue at home, not on his official social media pages.

“You are a Cabinet Secretary for the Republic of Kenya. You occupy a public office on behalf of 50 million Kenyans. Not only for the Agikuyu! Therefore, all your public communication including on your Twitter handle must be in English or Swahili. But you are free to communicate in your mother tongue in your household,” Miguna said in a tweet.

Miguna’s warning comes after Kuria made remarks in his native language on Twitter that were deemed to be offensive by some Kenyans.

Kuria is known for his controversial remarks, and his social media posts have often been the subject of national debate.

In 2020, Kuria was banned from Twitter for violating the platform’s policies on hate speech. He was later reinstated, but his account has been suspended several times since then.

It is unclear whether Kuria will heed Miguna’s warning. However, the lawyer’s comments have drawn attention to the issue of public officials using their mother tongues on social media.

Some people believe that it is perfectly acceptable for public officials to use their mother tongues on social media, as long as their comments are not offensive. Others believe that public officials should only use English or Swahili on social media, as these are the languages that are most widely understood in Kenya.

The debate over whether or not public officials should use their mother tongues on social media is likely to continue.

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