Milly WaJesus Explains Why She Prefers Staying Alone At Times Despite Being Married

Kenyan power couple, Milly and Kabi WaJesus, recently discussed healthy relationships at the premiere of Jackie Matubia’s web series “Toxic.” They offered a glimpse into their own marriage, highlighting the importance of open communication in navigating potential friction points.

Milly identified her need for personal space as a potential source of tension. She emphasized the importance of “me time” to maintain her individuality within the marriage.

“Having moments of solitude is crucial for me,” she explained. “It allows me to recharge and be the best version of myself for our family.”

Kabi, on the other hand, interpreted Milly’s desire for solitude differently. He expressed concern that her need for “me time” could sometimes lead to unintentional isolation within the home.

“While I understand the need for space,” Kabi said, “it’s important to find a balance. Sometimes, it feels like ‘me time’ translates to wanting to be completely alone, even from the kids and me.”

The couple’s conversation highlights the importance of clear communication in healthy relationships. By openly discussing their needs and perspectives, Milly and Kabi can work towards a solution that fosters both individual well-being and a strong connection as a couple.

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