Milly WaJesus Maintains That Her Car Gift Wasn’t A Hoax

The WaJesus are quite good when it comes to making content. As a matter of fact, they’re among the best when it comes to getting some sponsored content boosted easy peasy.

For all we know, they’re content creators. And apart from that, they’re now getting advertising gigs to further their hustle. Their channel has hit the 601K subscribers mark. And interestingly, a day ago it was just at 599K.

Kenyans were eagerly waiting for a big reveal, which they pulled off quite lavishly. Through their YouTube and Instagram, they made sure their audience got curious about what they were going to reveal. It was magnificent as they successfully roped in over 12K live watchers. How sick is that?

Anyway, Milly received a brand new Land Rover estimated to cost between 8-10 Million followers from her hubby. Interestingly enough, netizens predicted it to be a hoax; since it’s not the first time they’ve pulled such a stunt.

Fans took to WaJesus’s comment section to confront them on the legitness of the surprise gift. Both of them greatly refuted the claims that it was fake.

In the grand scheme of things, the truth will finally be known in a couple of days or months. For now, Kabi has promised Milly WaJesus 7 push gifts.

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