Miracle Baby of Sailors gang is the miracle of the group

By now am sure most Kenyans are aware  of the Wamlambez regime. This was after the new age music groups cropped and took over the Kenyan music scene.

It all started with the  Wamlambezz song, with an easy to note voice of one of the singers from Sailors gang. Miracle baby was kuspin na mayengs.


Miracle Baby

This guy stands out with the husky voice he posses and the syke he puts in during the music recordings.

From the look of things this is the guy that sells the group. Here is why.

His voice just excites the demons that lie within. Funny enough, am sure you feel it too.

Further with time they brought us Pekejenng I mean look at how the songs bridge is done and we’ll the voice in it is nobody else but Miracle Baby.


At the same time he starts that song and the instances where he starts shouting out of no where but it blends in the song.

Sometimes I just end up laughing instead. These boys are more of the stress killers aside from just being entertainers.

His passion and drive in the music is quite interesting because even when interviewed on TV and radio shows  trust miracle baby to be the one to chime in.

Bottom line is that this guy is the selling factor of this group and If not careful his mates might run away from the group because from social media checks he gets more appraisal.

Further in their latest jam Queen B machine they did Just what their fans were expecting shouts……uuuuuhhh Queen B machine…

In my opinion this trend of music is what Kenyans need. Only problem is that Fans take it too far.

I mean just saw a video on social media that a family in Busia played WAmlambezz and danced around their kin’s grave as symbol of celebration of life. I mean HOW??

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