Miracle Baby Promises To Preach Gospel After His Discharge From Hospital

Image: Miracle Baby addresses claims he is a member of Illuminati

Musician Peter Mwangi, known by his stage names Miracle Baby and now Mwana wa Ajabu, has shared his aspirations for the future after his recent hospitalization. During a statement from the hospital, he expressed gratitude for the support he received and mentioned plans to potentially pursue a career in the clergy.

Speaking from the hospital on Monday, February 12, 2024, the musician expressed hope that he would be released from the hospital earlier than anticipated and confirmed that he would be joining the clergy to preach the gospel after his release.

“Bwana asifiwe. I’m going to preach. Nikitoka hapa nakua pastor and I will preach. Wenye wamenisupport God bless you, wenye hawajaweza najua mko njiani Mungu anasema hapa ninatoka, ninaeza toka kesho ama kesho kutwa,” he stated.

The performer also wished blessings to his supporters and thanked them for their contributions toward his medicine.

Since being admitted to the hospital last month, Miracle Baby has been having surgery.

According to his partner, the musician has been suffering from a stomach ailment since 2018.

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