Miracle Baby Visited By KRG & Jaguar At The Hospital

Image: Miracle Baby addresses claims he is a member of Illuminati

Famous musician Peter Mwangi, also known as Miracle Baby, has received support from President William Ruto after he donated KSh 300,000 to support hims a few days after being discharged from the hospital.

The former member of the Sailors Gang was hospitalized for two months due to his inability to secure enough money to pay for his medical bills. For Miracle Baby to be discharged from the hospital, KSh 1.4 million needed to be raised, and that’s when experienced comic Eric Omondi came in.

But the president visited the sick singer and made the donation through the help of musician turned politician Jaguar and other well-known people like KRG The Don and Karangu Muraya.

“Peter hata wewe saa hii mahali uko, utavaa vizuri. Remember Carol has had a sick person and she has been taking food care of him. This is KSh 300,000 from the president that he has sent here, and he has directed that Peter should be taken to the hospital. And from today, we will not fundraise again. All his hospital bills will be taken care of by His Excellency Ruto,” said Muraya.

They sent along the president’s message that he would cover his hospital bills along with the money.

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