Miracle Baby’s Fight For Recovery Still Stalled By Funding Issues

Image: Miracle Baby addresses claims he is a member of Illuminati

Popular singer Miracle Baby’s road to recovery has hit a concerning snag. While well-wishers initially pledged support, his family now faces a shortage of critical medical supplies and unsettled hospital bills.

Social media personality Bernice Saroni brought the situation to light in a recent TikTok video. According to Saroni, Miracle Baby’s wife, Carol Katrue, expressed deep worry about the lack of progress despite former MP Jaguar facilitating the transfer to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) for specialized care.

While Sh300,000 was provided to assist with expenses, Saroni claims it fell short. “Carol confided in me about the lack of essential supplies, including an ostomy bag for Peter [Miracle Baby],” revealed Saroni. Additionally, promises of intervention by President William Ruto seem to have yet to materialize.

Previously, Miracle Baby’s treatment appeared promising. Former MP Jaguar, reportedly acting on President Ruto’s behalf, facilitated the transfer to KNH. The initial support also included financial aid.

However, despite these efforts, critical medical supplies are missing, and hospital bills remain unpaid. This creates a significant hurdle in Miracle Baby’s recovery journey.

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