Miracle Baby’s wife Carol Katrue describes the terrible disease that is plaguing him

Ex-Gengetone artist Peter Miracle Baby has been hospitalized since January 16th, prompting an outpouring of well-wishes from concerned fans. His wife, Carol Katrue, has been diligently by his side, offering her support. In an interview with Kikuyu singer Karangu Muraya, Carol Katrue provided insights into Miracle Baby’s medical condition, revealing that their medical expenses have already reached one million shillings.

Miracle Baby has been grappling with stomach issues since 2018, leading to his first surgery. The initial procedure aimed to address a growth, but subsequent complications arose. In May 2023, the problems resurfaced, leading them back to the hospital. An Ultrasound and a CT Scan revealed that Miracle Baby’s appendix had been mistakenly removed during a previous surgery, causing intestinal obstructions.

The situation worsened, with frequent closures of his intestines, requiring repeated hospital visits for temporary solutions. On a recent hospital visit, they anticipated a routine procedure, assuming it was a familiar issue. However, a CT Scan unveiled persistent problems with his intestines. Emergency surgery was performed, uncovering a ruptured intestine that had spilled waste into the abdomen. The abdomen was cleaned, and Miracle Baby underwent the operation, but complications arose when the wound began leaking.

Stitches were removed, and valves were inserted to drain the pus due to severe infection. Miracle Baby, though on oxygen, has not stabilized, and his condition requires continuous monitoring. Carol Katrue shared that he would be on the machine for one week, emphasizing the challenges they’ve faced during this medical ordeal.

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