Mishi Dora finally released from police custody weeks after she was arrested for unpaid drinks

Mishi Dora is finally out almost a month after she was arrested for Ksh 152,550 unpaid bill at a certain local join in Nairobi. From what we heard is that she’d invited close friends to celebrate one of her Nigerian films that had been released.

Mishi Dora leaves no room for imagination in new photo

With all the excitement, the former socialite may have been carried away hence ordering some expensive champagne, food and water leaving with her with some crazy debt Hathaway saw her spend a month behind bars.

What’s more surprising is that those who attended her event did not seem bothered by the fact that she’d been arrested or even tried getting her out.

The likes of Nicah the Queen and others have since maintained their silence while former Nairobi Diaries cast, Risper Faith openly told Mishi to carry her own cross when asked to contribute for the bail cash.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden Bistro

Back and better?

However 4 weeks later and Mishi Dora is back to enjoying her freedom which means she either paid off the debt is out in bail with a pending case.

Being one who enjoys the attention – after her release, Mishi Dora quickly rushed to her Instagram giving fans a QnA opportunity to ask whatever they wanted answered. Well, not everyone has this kind of energy but clearly Mishi Dora haogopi!

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