Miss Trudy Calls Out Women Hitting On Her Ghanaian Husband

Miss Trudy, known online as Gertrude Njeri, has taken to her social media to call out women who are busy trying to ruin her relationship with her Ghananian boyfriend Wode Maya.

The content creator expressed her rage with humour after finding out that a woman was even willing to fight her over her husband & YouTuber Wode Maya.

She shared a screenshot of the woman in question and wrote;

“How should we deal with women who are ready to fight other women for their husband???! 🤔 You thirsty girls in the DM have no shame! 😂” she wrote on her feed while attaching a screenshot.

On her Instagram page, Trudy expressed her frustration with some followers who have been sending inappropriate messages to Maya. She emphasized the importance of respecting boundaries in relationships.

Trudy’s caption read: “**Setting boundaries! Respectful connections are key. **” She included a screenshot (without revealing any names) to illustrate her point.

Fans responded with messages of support, praising Trudy for her direct yet classy approach. The two lovebirds met several years ago during a YouTube assignment in Ethiopia. Wode Maya is among the largest Youtubers in Ghana and has millions of subscribers on Youtube. Miss Trudy also joined her in content creation and together, they’ve made it big with YouTube.

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