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Monkey Business? Harmonize Announces He’s Not Single Anymore (Screenshot)

January 24, 2022 at 10:34
Monkey Business? Harmonize Announces He's Not Single Anymore (Screenshot)

It’s barely 48 hours before Tanzanian musician Harmonize announced he had separated with her Australian girlfriend Briana. Konde Boy has yet again left netizens bamboozled after he disclosed that he is not single. His photos with Briana remain deleted from his page and vice versa on Briana’s page.

The big question is- did Harmonize immediately find a replacement for his Australian girlfriend, or was it a hoax meant for clout? Either way, the musician has contradicted his statement by refuting he’s single. In his emotional post posted 2 days ago, he wept over being single as he wrote;

”Back to the single life again.”

”I can’t believe I’m single again.”

”F** it. See you in 35 maybe. I’m jus 28.”

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A cross check on his page suggests that he’s definitely not together with Briana. This is depicted by the fact that he deleted their photos. He had unfollowed her, but he has yet again followed her.

He wrote on his Instagram story saying;

”I’m not single. Tuheshimiane”

Harmonize and Briana’s relationship will be 3 months old at the end of January. Do you think it’ll last a little bit longer?


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