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More trouble! Jacque Maribe’s kitchen knife could be the murder weapon used to slice open Monica Kimani’s throat

October 05, 2018 at 13:05
More trouble! Jacque Maribe's kitchen knife could be the murder weapon used to slice open Monica Kimani's throat

The late Monica Kimani was found murdered in her house on September 20th. Her throat had been slit wide open, her mouth had been covered with tape, her legs bound and hands tied at the back.

The killer left her lifeless body in the bathtub with the water running. The deceased’s phones were thrown in the bathtub, the assailant locked the house after killing her and left with the apartment keys.

Jacque Maribe’s fiance Joseph Irungu is the main suspect in Monica’s murder. He was arrested alongside the Citizen TV anchor and a neighbor Bryan Kassaine Spira.

Murder weapon
Jacque Maribe's house in Lang'ata.

Jacque Maribe’s house in Lang’ata.

A knife from Jacque Maribe’s kitchen has been subjected to scientific testing to establish if it is the weapon that was used to slice Monica’s throat.

Results of DNA analysis on samples collected from Monica’s house are out and detectives are certain they have pinned the killer.

Details of the results have been kept confidential because the outcome is part of evidence to be used in court by the prosecution.

A source told Nation that police have concluded that Monica’s killer slit her throat with the precision of a highly trained assassin.




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