Mr Eazi Speaks Out: Embracing the Haters and Celebrating Uniqueness

In a candid interview, Nigerian singer and producer Mr Eazi addressed the persistent negativity he faces from some individuals within and outside the music industry.

Unraveling the Roots of Disapproval:

Mr Eazi acknowledged that many harbor a dislike for him, a sentiment he previously grappled with but now accepts. He attributes this disapproval to the high expectations people hold, believing they deserve more from him because of past collaborations.

“People expect so much from me because they think we’ve worked together, expecting me to go extra,” Eazi shared, emphasizing that this expectation extends beyond music.

The Irony of Hate:

Ironically, Eazi revealed that many who dislike him struggle to articulate the reason for their animosity. He believes it stems from his unconventional approach to fame, shunning the typical “celebrity” lifestyle and preferring solitude.

“It’s like when I ask them, they can’t articulate, they have no evidence,” he explained, suspecting that his introverted nature and unique online presence contribute to the negativity.

Navigating the Hate:

Eazi addressed the perception that he is undeserving of his success, which he believes fuels much of the negativity. Despite the criticism, he chooses to embrace his individuality and focus on his blessings.

“I think a lot of people think I don’t deserve a lot of things so it upsets them,” he admitted, offering a poignant message to his detractors: “Don’t hate me, hate my maker.”

From Contemplating Quitting to Embracing Uniqueness:

This openness comes just two months after Eazi revealed his own struggles with finding fulfillment as a musician. He considered abandoning music after Coachella in 2019, despite his success.

His journey highlights the internal challenges faced by artists, even amidst external validation. Eazi’s vulnerability and self-acceptance serve as an inspiration to others navigating similar hurdles.

In conclusion, Mr Eazi’s message is one of resilience and self-awareness. He encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and not be deterred by negativity. His story serves as a reminder that even amidst success, internal struggles and external criticism are inevitable, but they can be overcome with a positive perspective and a focus on one’s own well-being.

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