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‘Mtangoja Sana Niwatukane Ndio Mjulikane’- Amber Ray Calls Out Amira As A Clout Chaser

June 10, 2021 at 12:49
'Mtangoja Sana Niwatukane Ndio Mjulikane'- Amber Ray Calls Out Amira As A Clout Chaser

Amber Ray is not yet done with her co-wife Amira. The socialite had accused Amira of feigning nervousness in order to gain sympathy and support from Kenyans. Both have been roasting each other mercilessly online; with Amber having the upper hand, considering she has a huge fan base compared to Amira.

The online battle between them can be seen on their stories, where they address each other both directly and indirectly.

  ”Alafu watu waache kuekelea shetani please ati oh ni juju… Watu wajue kuoga!! Mimi sijawai ona mtu amerogwa na bado anashughulikia family zake… Tena si ramadan ilikuwa juzi tu. Ama hamjui kuomba? Kazi ni kukuja kutafuta sympathy votes social media.”

This time, Amber is back at it again, and has termed Amira as a clout chaser seeking to get attention.

”Mtangojea sana ni watukane ndio mjulikane”

She continues by writing;

”Enyewe clout chasing is a full time job🤣😂. Sina time ya watu wa maoga”

The beef between them won’t end soon if not addressed.


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