Mugithi Singer Samidoh Offers Bath-Time Marriage Advice to Celeb Friends

Kenyan singer Samidoh Muchoki shared a lighthearted anecdote about his weekend get-together with fellow celebrities Pascal Tokodi and Nameless. In an Instagram post, Samidoh revealed some comical advice he gave his friends about the impact of post-work bathing on married life.

With his signature humor, he captioned the post: “Telling these guys, ‘If you want to know how bad showering can be for your marriage, just head straight to the bath after work!’ “.

The playful jab triggered a wave of laughter in the comments section, with even Pascal acknowledging it with a playful, ” Don’t expose us!”

willi_9999 Mkuu hij nayo you are correct. Maswali kama polisi

eunieeunice Mmmmhhh let me say – no comment

j_mless_ke Kwanza ukatae kuguza mtoto before uoge😂😂😂😂

jyn_niso1 Haki watu huku…wanachokoranga samidoh right left and centre.

audenciar_edwins Chapisha hiyo kitabu sasa

stephensmukami Aki macho yangu 😢

chef_dennie25 Sasa wewe ndo unabonga kuhusu marriage😂😂 irony it is

judykarugia😂😂😂 macho hayana pazia

its_.jayne Weeeuuh eeeeih my lawd kinyamu

kevo_sub The literal definition of grass to GRACE

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