Mulamwah Reveals He Has Spent Sh8.5 Million on His Mansion

Digital content creator and entrepreneur David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, has revealed that he has spent about 8.5 million Kenyan shillings on the construction of his mansion so far.

In a Q&A session with his over 677,000 Instagram followers, Mulamwah showed off the progress of the construction, as well as photos of his inspiration for the house.

When asked how much he had spent on the house, Mulamwah said, “Sh. 8.5 million… tunakaribia finali kuimaliza.” He also said that he considered the 2-story mansion to be “something simple” and that he did not own any cars at the moment.

On the question of whether it is better to buy a car or a house first, Mulamwah said that it depends on the individual’s preferences and budget. He said, “Hii swali ni kama ya Messi or Ronaldo haiishangi! What I know ni eti pesa iko na uses mob and people have different preferences. Fanya what you like na pesa yako bora uiitumie vibaya hiyo pesa.”

In English, this means, “This question is like asking whether Messi or Ronaldo is better. There is no right or wrong answer, it depends on your preferences. Do what you like with your money, as long as you are using it wisely.”

Mulamwah’s decision to prioritize the construction of his house over buying a car is a testament to his financial planning skills. He is clearly investing in his future and creating a stable foundation for himself and his family.

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