Mulamwah Shares His Fatherhood Journey So Far (Video)

Mulamwah is currently co-parenting with his baby mama Carol Muthoni. Things didn’t work out for the two, especially after the delivery of their daughter Keila Oyando.

Mulamwah and Carol Sonie broke up in 2021, and they are currently co-parenting. The mother of one broke up with her baby daddy when she was three months pregnant.

Setting the record straight during an interview with Milele FM, Sonie stated that Mulamwah dumped her and admitted to being in the wrong.

“Ni yeye (Mulamwah) ndio aliniacha… kukosea nilikosea but we move,” said Sonie before the interviewer prompted her to speak about what she did that led to the split.

Mulamwah on the other hand, termed Carol a serial cheat and claimed she was seeing another man while they were in a relationship.


Either way, Carol Muthoni is prepared & determined to take care of their daughter with or without Mulamwah’s help. But according to Mulamwah, fatherhood hasn’t been easy, especially co-parenting. But he claims his daughter has motivated him to achieve more.

Watch his full interview below;

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