Mungai Eve Celebrates 23rd Birthday With An Exquisite Photoshoot (Photos)

Digital content creator Mungai Eve has just turned 23. At such a young age, the YouTuber has been able to surpass what her fellow agemates have achieved through her immense hard work & consistency in content creation.

To celebrate her birthday, Mungai took to her Instagram to flaunt exquisite photos she has taken on her birthday.

She penned a note to self as she celebrated her wins;

”Chapter 23????❤️
I am a year older on this beautiful day????❤️❤️ i am thankful to God for the far He has brought me,looking back i never knew I would be where i am today but He had carefully crafted my existence and knows me better than anyone does,On this day i pray for wisdom ,good health ,happiness and success upon my life????.
Dear self i am very proud of you ,the world is your stage and you’ve played diligently so far, may you always shine brighter.
To everyone who has been part of my journey i will be forever grateful and i love you so much????❤️.
Cheers to myself for surviving another year????????. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! ”

Mungai Eve’s growing YouTube channel has immensely changed her life. She’s currently among the youngins in the country making it big through YouTube.

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