Mungai Eve Claps Back At Fans Pressuring Her To Get Pregnant (Screenshot)

After Felicity Shiru’s successful delivery a day ago, popular YouTuber Mungai Eve has been conglomerated in the conversation of pregnancy and why she’s not ready to sire a kid(s) with her boyfriend Director Trevor.

The two sweethearts have been together for over two years. And we’ve seen them grow in the entertainment industry with content creation.

Mungai Under Pressure

Mungai Eve pregnant?

Well, being a celebrity would obviously mean fans will have their opinion about you- and even advice you on do’s and don’ts. And Eve is not new when it comes to feeling the public pressure.

And she’s not inviting any of it. She recently bashed fans who have been pressuring her to get pregnant like her fellow youngin celebrities.

”Wakenya surely nini hukua shida juu watu wamepata watoto you think you have any right to pressure me? Who are you again remind me which role you play in my life. If you feel pressure zalisha bibi yako na watu wenyu.”

And to be honest, the latter sentiments should suffice since everyone should choose their pace.

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