Mungai Eve Explains Why She’s Going Private With Her Relationship

Kenyan social media is abuzz with speculation about the status of YouTube couple Mungai Eve and Director Trevor after they seemingly eliminated each other’s photos from their Instagram profiles.

While they still follow each other, the absence of their shared pictures fuels whispers of a potential breakup. Trevor’s profile reveals solo shots only, further intensifying the rumors.

Speculation escalated following reports that Trevor attended a recent New Year’s event without Eve at his side. Netizens eagerly await any official statement from the couple to clarify the situation.

Previous Denials and Eve’s Stance on Public Breakups

This isn’t the first time the couple has faced breakup rumors, which they have consistently denied.

Interestingly, an older video resurfaced during the current buzz, featuring Eve discussing their relationship dynamics. In the interview, she expressed bewilderment at the recurring breakup rumors, acknowledging that they navigate challenges like any other couple.

However, Eve firmly defended their decision to keep their personal matters private, believing they don’t belong in the online spotlight.

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