Muthoni Mukiri Advises Women Not To Rely On Men For Money

Media personality and life coach Muthoni Mukiri has advised women in the dating pool to be financially independent, saying that their finances are not their boyfriend’s obligation.

Mukiri warned that asking a boyfriend for money can reveal a feeling of entitlement and unrealistic expectations. She also noted that women who start thinking that their boyfriend’s money is theirs as soon as they start dating often end up disappointed and may even be mistreated.

“The problem is not you asking him, the problem is you feeling entitled. The problem is thinking he owes you money. It is not his role to take care of you financially unless he actually wants to or volunteers to. It is not his primary work,” she said.

Mukiri added that men who give women everything they can also start treating them very badly because they think they are giving them something they cannot give to themselves.

She advised women who want their partners to spoil them or support their financial needs to approach them without feeling entitled.

“You can approach him as you would a friend without entitlement. We all need support from time to time and it’s okay to ask for support but just know entitlement and unrealistic expectations are what will disappoint you,” she noted.

Mukiri’s advice is relevant for both genders. Men should also be financially independent and not expect their girlfriends or wives to take care of them financially.

It is important to remember that relationships are partnerships, and both partners should be willing to contribute financially and emotionally.

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