Mwalimu Rachel Explains The Only Condition Of Adding Another Baby

Image: Radio personality, Mwalimu Rachel

Former radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel recently spoke about her unique co-parenting arrangement. She revealed that her son primarily lives with his father, a decision she made to best support his development.

Rachel believes her son, now entering adolescence, benefits from a strong male role model during this crucial stage. This highlights the importance Rachel places on her son’s well-being and her willingness to adapt parenting styles for his needs.

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Open to Possibility of Another Child

While Rachel doesn’t currently plan to have another biological child, she remains open to the idea. She acknowledges the challenges some women face after separating from their children’s fathers, but the reasons for her decision remain private.

Rachel emphasizes that having a supportive partner could influence her decision. However, she finds fulfillment in nurturing others, considering herself a mother figure to many beyond her biological son.

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