The WaJesus Family Ready To Sire A Third Born (Video)

Image: The WaJesus’ secrets to a successful marriage

The WaJesus Family have taken to their YouTube channel to calibrate their intentions of expanding their family. The popular YouTubers already have a son and a daughter and are eager to add yet another baby to their family.

The couple went ahead to take a pregnancy test on camera to find out whether they’re expecting. This was after Milly WaJesus found out she was having delays in getting her periods.

Milly also stated that she had a couple of symptoms like fatigue, which expedited their thoughts on being expectant.

‘I’m feeling sad because in my mind I was convinced we were because of all the signs we’ve talked about. I don’t want to talk to online people about this. I don’t want to try another month.

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From Kabi’s side, pregnancy seemed imminent.

‘That’s it. I was so sure we’re pregnant. Everything was aligning,”Kabi started

Kabi WaJesus further encouraged emotional Milly;

”The thing is, pregnancy ni ya God. Because we have done our best. To be honest, this time round we’ve really tried. Don’t feel sad.

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He further advised Milly not to focus too much on not being pregnant and see the positive side- considering they already have two kids.

The WaJesus further claimed they will update fans if they’ll expect soon.

Watch their video below;


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