Mwalimu Rachel Reveals How Sailors Gang Were Receiving ‘Peanuts’ From KRG, Octopizzo For Collabos

Former manager of Sailors Gang, radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel, has shared details about the group’s past collaborations with artists like Octopizzo and KRG the Don, highlighting concerns about alleged lack of proper agreements and compensation.

Speaking on Mic Cheque Podcast, Mwalimu Rachel expressed concerns about the group’s collaboration with Octopizzo, stating she learned about it online after it was already completed. This indicated a lack of communication and formal agreements outlining split sheets and compensation.

Similar Issues with KRG the Don

Rachel further stated that a similar situation occurred with KRG the Don, with alleged compensation consisting of food and drinks instead of proper financial agreements.

It’s important to note that Sailors Gang and Mwalimu Rachel’s separation involved other disputes beyond these collaborations. Their relationship ended with accusations and blame games regarding the group’s decline.

While Rachel acknowledges that music industries sometimes function differently, she maintains that proper agreements and transparency were lacking in these collaborations. She distances herself from the group’s current struggles, asserting they were influenced by potentially lucrative but unfulfilled promises.

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