“Mwanaume atulizwi na mtoto!” Mama Diamond Platnumz claps back after Tanasha’s interview

Image: Mama Dangote with Tanasha

Mama Dangote is now a house hold name and might just add to the names of female celebrities from Tanzania thanks to her son, Diamond Platnumz.

So far she has been involved in several scandals involving her son’s women and rumor has it that the old lady is the main reason Diamond Platnumz has never settled down!

Mama Dangote

Well, according to rumors mama Dangote claims that most of these women are often after his sons money; something she refuses to entertain or be part of!

Mama Dangote and son’s baby mamas

It is publicly known that Diamond Platnumz has 3 baby mamas that is; Zari with 2 child, Hamisa Mobetto with one and Kenyan singer Tanasha who also welcomed a baby boy last year!

Mama Dangote tells Diamond to settle with Tanasha

All the named ladies above not only have brains but beauty – however when it comes to Diamond Platnumz these women were never enough!

It is alleged that Mama Dangote drove each one of them out of her son’s life as she feared them dimming his shine! The likes of Hamisa and official Lyyn were seen as ’golddiggers’ and never did mama Dangote ever let them get a chance to publicly date her son.

Mama D with Zari

Clap back

Well, even with the rumors Tanasha Donna still found her way into Diamond Platnumz home; however things did not end up so well for her!

Just recently while speaking to True Love magazine; Ms Donna indirectly confirmed that  the rumors we hear about mama Dangote are true. This is because she went through her drama, mistreatment; and probably worse that couldn’t be publicly exposed since the Dangote’s still remain family thanks to her son.


However even after the interview Mama Dangote and her family chose to maintain low profile; only for her to speak this past weekend. The superstars mother went on to share a video of Gigi money; talking about women who use children to make men settle down!

And this case, it seems that the video was aimed at Tanasha Donna who outed some of the secrets about mama Dangote! We cannot affirm the video was directed to Tanasha – but fans on social media seem convinced that this was meant for Donna whose interview seem to impressed many with her intelligence.

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