“Mwanaume si mashine” Harmonize ex Jacqueline Wolper reveals why she likes her boyfriends young and ‘tiny’

Jacqueline Wolper is fond of dating men who are younger than her. The Tanzanian actress has now explained her choice for boyfriends.

Jacqueline Wolper was dating Harmonize before she dumped him and moved on with another young man. Wolper has a fixation on young men especially if they are slim. Wolper also dated Diamond Platnumz, another team slim.

I can’t handle big men

Jacqueline Wolper and Harmonize

Jacqueline Wolper opened up about her choice for men while speaking on EATV’s Friday Night Live. The actress confessed that she gets turned on by men who are small body-wise.

Wolper states that she doesn’t chose her men based on what they carry between their legs. She reveals that she can’t handle big men.

“Actualy siwezi kusema nachukuliaje wanaume wenye maumbile madogo, na ndio nawapenda pia, kwa sababu mimi mwenyewe mdogo, nitapendaje vitu vikubwa ambavyo siwezi kuvihimili? Unajua mwanamke anayesema mwanaume mashine namshangaa, mwanaume pesa bwana, mwanamke ambaye anajua maisha, hawezi kusema mwanaume mashine, mimi mwenyewe siwezi kusifia mashine,” said Jacqueline Wolper.


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