Mwende Macharia defends herself, explains why Azziad stormed off

Mwende Macharia, a media personality, has shared her perspective on the problematic interview she had with well-known TikToker Azziad Nasenya.

Azziad stormed out of the studio in anger during the incident on Wednesday.

The vivacious radio host disclosed exclusively to Nairobi News that she had invited Azziad to join on her show section dubbed “Inspirational Wednesday,” which highlights the accomplishments of young people who have excelled in various spheres of life.

“As one of those people who has achieved great success in her craft, I wanted Azziad to share her story with our audience,”

Mwende claims that when she asked a question regarding the dissolution of the Talanta Hela Council, a subject they had already agreed not to discuss, the unexpected departure took place.

As the presenter asked additional questions, Azziad answered “no comment” to each one.

“We agreed not to talk about it. No comment. Mwende tukishaongea na tuka agree I will honestly walk out of here. Because we cannot agree on something then you go back on it.

You do not respect me as a brand and I cannot appreciate that dear. Thank you” Azziad had said in protestation.

Mwende highlighted that these instances are uncommon during her presentations and that she and Azziad are not hostile to one another. She stressed that she was only going about her business as a journalist.

The seasoned media personality insisted that her only goal was to find out if Azziad’s life had been damaged by losing the job opportunity with Talanta Hela. As a journalist, she thought it was appropriate to pose the question.

Mwende responded to the trolls and detractors by saying that despite having 14 years of professional experience as a journalist, she does not let negativity affect her life.

Mwende said that she has no ill will toward Azziad and that all of her acts were strictly related to her job duties.

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