My relationship was threatened by Juma Jux-Huddah

Image: Huddah with Juma Jux

Juma Jux recently opened up about how his interaction with Huddah Monroe posed a threat to his relationship with Karen Bujulu, whom he was dating at the time of releasing a music video featuring Huddah as the video vixen.

During the promotion of the video, Jux invited Monroe to Tanzania, and their public display of affection, including being photographed kissing at the airport, attracted media attention.


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The incident led to a temporary breakup between Jux and Karen, with Huddah being the catalyst. Jux clarified this during an interview with Millard Ayo, emphasizing that he wasn’t in a romantic relationship with Huddah.

He admitted to Karen that he had planned the publicity stunt with Huddah to boost his music video’s visibility. Despite apologizing to Karen for months, it took time for them to reconcile.

Acknowledging his mistakes, Jux explained that he became a changed person and demonstrated his commitment to Karen by giving her access to his phone and passwords. However, despite efforts to mend their relationship, they eventually broke up again.


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Jux attributed the second breakup to his inability to fulfill promises made during their reconciliation, leading to a mutual decision to part ways once more.

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