My Space CEO Mwenda Thuranira & His Wife Vanessa Impressed By Love Poem Dedicated To Them By Tee Murugi

Mwenda Thuranira, the CEO of MySpace Properties, is unquestionably an inspiration to a lot of young people.

Young Kenyans have been empowered by the real estate expert in areas related to real estate, commercial endeavors, relationships, and overall well-being.

Many young people are making every effort to follow in his footsteps, demonstrating the effectiveness of his efforts.

Mwenda Thuranira has been lavishing gifts and treats on his wife.

The renowned Kenyan poet Tee Murugi is one of the young people who found his lessons and style of life inspiring.

Tee Murugi took her time to compose a love poem for the business mogul and his wife Vanessa Magiri, hoping to inspire the businessman to continue sharing his knowledge and wisdom.

She penned a poem for two lovebirds to celebrate their love

“When I was finally made a king
The only king in the jungle
Infinity was beyond time
Because for the first my heart learnt to love
And all I wanted was to steal her heart
Her liver
And all her brains with her thoughts.
I had seen beauties before
With heavy curves
With bootylacious ass
But none was like her
With her pure heart of love
Her soft voice that called my side
Her enchanting smile
Her charming demeanor
And i became her aphrodite
For she felt safe with me.
She called me handsome, and took me to her elders
She rolled over the sea
With soft strides and took my heart from my cage
I gave it to her with ease
In me she saw a gentle charming prince
A prayer warrior she sang to her siblings
And she swam in my tears that dropped out of love.
Vannessa, Daughter of Meru Land
I jumped into your pace like a kangaroo
And in your arms I clung
I deflowered and made you Mine
It was a Capital Yes
You let me slide that ring
It was a ring on the light
For not even coins I owned
Just me and my beards
And that way you embraced me with a wide smile
And let me build my kingdom with you.
In short?
I stand in the shadows of your heart
When darkness comes our ways
I’ll cut my soul into different pieces
Pieces that will form constellation to light your path
Life without your strength
Would be flavourless
Like a lizard’s soup without pepper
It was a dream come true
And after so many years of true love
We bow to God again
And say Thanks for blessing us.”Tee wrote.
The two lovebirds have been serving couple goals over the years, including a recent gift to Vanessa, a Mercedes Benz. The poem is a supplement in their unending relationship.

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