“My sweetheart please pick your fights carefully” Shaffie Weru warns Pierra Makena in regard to suing Mishi Dorah

Pierra Makena is taking legal action against Nairobi Diaries’ actress Mishi Dorah. Shaffie Weru however cautions that suing Mishi is a bad move for Pierra Makena.

Pierra and Mishi’s beef began a week ago on social media. The Nairobi Diaries actress claimed that Pierra body shamed her on a WhatsApp group.

Mishi hit back at Pierra in a long post on social media. She savagely attack the popular DJ going on to say she was lying about her age.

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Not a clever move!
Mishi Dorah

Shaffie Weru advises Pierra Makena to pick her fights carefully. The Kiss FM presenter cautions the female DJ against messing with Nairobi Diaries women.

“To DJ Pierra Makena – my high school sweetheart – please pick your fights carefully. Don’t mess with women of Nairobi D. As the host of the recent Reunion show, I want to give you a cheat sheet on how to handle these beauties.

“Let them fight among themselves and never get in between. Because they will drag you through the mud and they will smash your lawyer, boyfriend, baby daddy and not to mention your father. And they don’t care. With. No. Apologies,” wrote Shaffie Weru on his column on the Star.

They will make you their business

Pierra Makena

Shaffie further urges DJ Pierra to reconcile with Mishi Dorah. He tells her that Nairobi Diaries actress will gang up against her and make her their business.

“If it is true you fat-shamed Mishi Dora, or even attempted to comment on Mishi’s very Phat body, start by sending emissaries. Because this is far from over. You will be the storyline of Nairobi D’s Season 8. Deal with it now while the show is on a break.”


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