Nadia Mukami decries clumsy eyebrow job

Image: Ms Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami, a singer, recently expressed her unhappiness over a botched brow procedure that left her unsatisfied with how she looked.

The musician, who is renowned for her catchy tunes and fashionable style, shared her sadness with her followers on social media.

Nadia was anxious to attempt the well-known combination Ombre eyebrows treatment, but as the procedure took an unexpected turn, her delight rapidly turned to despair.

The single mother disclosed that, after shelling out a significant sum of sh40,000 for the therapy, her experience was anything but positive.

She voiced her disappointment with the result, alleging that her eyebrows were done incorrectly.

“Guuys kimeniramba proper. Today someone said I can make you sh40k eyebrows but I almost went to jail today. I don’t know why in Nairobi you find people doing things they don’t know how to do. I can’t tag them since I do not want you to troll them.”

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