Nadia Mukami demands upkeep from Arrow Bwoy

Image: Pregnant Nadia Mukami with bae, Arrowbwoy

Nadia Mukami, a well-known Kenyan musician best known for her popular song Kai Wangu, is currently looking to her baby daddy, Arrow Bwoy, for financial support.
Nadia wants Arrow Bwoy to pay dowry and take care of the unsolved matter of Kai’s stipend.

Nadia revealed that her requests for child support arise from the fact that Arrow Bwoy had been on tour while she was taking care of their son in an interview with bloggers at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on September 27, following her return to Kenya from the US.

“I feel I need an allowance because he has been touring. He went to Australia when the baby was six weeks for two months. So he needs to pay me for all that work I’ve put in,”

Notably, Nadia also wants to be acknowledged as Arrow Bwoy’s wife, a position that has not yet been established by dowry payment.

“He has not yet paid the dowry. So it would be very bad for my father and the elders if I claim a status as a wife. He (Arrow Bwoy) understands si ati ni kwa ubaya. He even knows I keep repeating this message,”

Originally, the pair intended to hold a conventional ceremony in February of this year, but that didn’t happen.

“That is up to him; you know you cannot pressure a man. It’s weird; it won’t feel natural,”

Nadia explained that her remarks are based on reality and are not intended to offend, acknowledging that they can be interpreted as insulting.

“But it’s the truth. Even Arrow Bwoy knows, and he is not mad. Before I go and say anything on social media, I know my partner. There is nothing that he’s ever said about me that has ever upset me,”

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy, who had been there before her, reunited when she got back from the US.

“I had missed him. He needs to pay me for taking care of our son alone for the longest time. It’s my responsibility, but it’s also his responsibility,”

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