“Nakuchukia sana umechukua bwanangu tena kwa nguvu” Diamond’s mom fights with lady who accuses her of taking away her husband

Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Sandra Kassim has locked horns with a woman who accuses her of forcefully taking away her husband.

Sanura announced she had scored herself a Ben 10 in December 2017. It turns out Diamond’s step-father Rally Jones is a married man.

A lady by the name Meener Khalim confronted Diamond’s mom for taking away her husband. Meerner says she still loves her husband Rally Jones.

Meener Khalim

She reveals that her husband started dating Diamond’s mom months ago but he denied it all when she confronted him about it.

Meerner further claims that Sanura lured away her husband with money. She asserts that Rally Jones doesn’t really love Diamond’s mother.

Wished her death

Meener Khalim says she left Tanzania because she couldn’t stand being intimidated by Sanura. Meener and Sanura have been quarreling on social media.

Diamond’s mother wished death upon Meerner in one of her posts on Instagram. Meerner however says she will stop bothering the two lovebirds as she has left everything to God.

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