Nameless Explains The Importance Of Talking To Teenage Daughters About Sex

Being a parent comes with demanding responsibilities. Apart from taking care of them, you have to talk to them often about their feelings. This helps them to open up and avoid making the wrong choices on their own. At 44 years old, Nameless is a dad to two daughters; his eldest being Tumiso Mathenge.

Nameless, Wahu and their daughters-Google

At 14 years old, she’s now a teenager, who needs proper guidance on matters regarding sexuality. His father Nameless (David Mathenge) is up to the task. The generation has changed; kids are growing fast, and Nameless agrees with this. On his Instagram, he posted, \

”As a father of galz I have decided to create an environment that allows my daughters to tell me anything without fear of judgement, especially my firstborn @tumi.mathenge who is a teenager. I want her to be able to talk to me about anything , including questions on Sexuality , so that she does not get confused by the peer pressure that comes with that age.

I believe teenagers should abstain from sex for many reasons but it is important that they truly understand the reasons so that they make that choice themselves. Parents of teenagers tuko pamoja ????????????????.. let’s find ways to share our experiences and help each other bring up a well rounded generation…#BabaGalz ???????????? #adolemanenoz #Tujulishane  #parentingz????????????

I totally agree with Nameless. It’s time parents start talking to their teenage children about sexuality.

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