Nameless responds to fan who asked him to look for a son, days after he welcomed 3rd born daughter

Nameless has been having it abit rough from fans who dont seem to understand that times have changed. You see, back in the day having daughters was something many didnt appreciate; this is because they’d assume girls are only dowry and after marriage theyd then carry their husbands name and start a family of their own.

Sons on the other hand get to carry their fathers legacy and get to grow his family…which is why they were considered a favorite. Well, surprisingly looks like these old teachings remain in a few of us, and i say this after coming across a comment left by of Nameless’ fans urging him to get a son.

Well, barely a week afyer his 3rd born daughter was born, a fan identified as Dalphine Memba wrote to Nameless telling him;

Tafuta Kijana boss…your legacy. We Africans.

Nameless’ priceless response

Okay, I really don’t know what was going on in Dalphine Memba’s head when she posted the comment; but truth is – thanks to her, those with the same behavior have learnt what happens when you let your loose fingers do the talking.

Responding to this particular fan, Nameless through his Facebook wrote back saying;

Dalphine Memba actually I really want my legacy to be a father of three beautiful gals filled with wisdom, humility and compassion. Who will live a responsible life that creates peace and joy for them and for others around them. For them, that is the vision I am working towards.

He went on to address others with similar thoughts on him and his family – and after years of maintaining his silence on this “tafuta kijana” issue…Nameless now says its time we all evolved.

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