Naseeb Jnr Back in Kenya, Mama Dangote Clarifies Location: A Family Update

Image: Tanasha Donna and Son, Naseeb

The whereabouts of Tanasha Donna’s son, Naseeb Jnr, have been a topic of speculation, but Mama Dangote, Diamond Platnumz’s mother, has finally shed some light on the situation.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Mama Dangote confirmed that Naseeb Jnr is currently back in Kenya with his mother. Previously, his presence in Tanzania and enrollment in a local school sparked rumors of a permanent move by Tanasha. However, Mama Dangote explained that Tanasha’s work in Tanzania concluded, prompting their return to Kenya.

Addressing concerns about Naseeb Jnr’s education, Mama Dangote clarified that the school he attended in Tanzania has branches in Kenya, facilitating a smooth transition. She also revealed her desire to be closer to her grandchildren but acknowledges the age factor, citing a potential move at a later stage.

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