Natalie Githinji Reveals She Provided For His Ex-Boyfriend For 8 Months Since He Had No Job

In a candid conversation with Oga Obinna, NRG Radio presenter Natalie Githinji opened up about a past relationship where she supported a man financially for 8 months.

Githinji recalled the incident, which occurred during her time on campus, explaining that she had provided the man with accommodation and financial assistance despite his lack of employment. While she didn’t mind his financial situation, she struggled with his poor hygiene and unsatisfactory sexual performance.

“I dated a guy and kept the guy for 8 months,” Githinji revealed. “At the time, he did not have a job. Sadly, he had bad body odor, and his game between the sheets was also bad.”

She emphasized that the body odor was the primary reason for ending the relationship, stating, “I didn’t have a problem with him not having money, but the body odor was too much.”

Githinji explained that she stayed in the relationship for an extended period because she craved emotional support and stability. “I had just wanted a shoulder to lean on,” she admitted. “I had wanted to settle by 20, have kids, and start a family of my own.”

The presenter also disclosed that she had to leave university due to personal struggles, including her battle with endometriosis. “I was in NIBS, but I never completed my exams,” she confessed. “At the time, I was still battling endometriosis. I never told my mum about this.”

Githinji’s honest account of her past relationship highlights the challenges of navigating relationships, particularly when faced with personal and financial struggles. Her story also serves as a reminder of the importance of self-worth and setting boundaries in relationships.

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