Nay Wa Mitego denies bewitching fans after pouring water on them during performance

It seems everything these Tanzanian celebs do can be quickly translated to witchcraft.

We have seen several celebs from the country openly accuse each other of witchcraft before.

Diamond and Hamisa Mobetto have accused each other. Wema Sepetu, Ray C and many others have also been accused of using juju to win fans.

Artists Nay Wa Mitego recently had to deny that he used witchcraft on stage while performing after spraying water on his fans.


The singer, who has been also named several times for using juju to make sure he doesn’t grow irrelevant, said that spraying water on his fans has been one of his rituals. He usually practices it to psyche up fans while performing.

“Jamani mimi sio mshirikina na wala siawahi kujihusisha na mambo hayo , yale majin ni ya kawaida tu na wala hayana madhara yoyote kwa mtu yoyote¬† kwani ninaweza kumpa mtu akanywa, mimi nimekuwa nikiyatumia tu kwa ajili kuwachangamsha mashabiki wangu.” he said


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