Never seen before photos of inside Lady Jaydee’s expensive mansion

Image: Lady Jaydee

Lady Jaydee is among the female artists who have survived and served fans for the past many years. She is one who understands how to deliver her music to fans and so far she remains a favorite to many who adore her across East Africa.

The Tanzanian singer is also very chilled out and after divorcing her husband, Gardner the singer found a new love and the singer now looks happier than ever. She still continuous to maintain her private life but just recently I bumped into a few photos showing her home deco and boy is this woman set for life!

Well, for those who have been wondering where or how her home looks like then worry no more. From the photos I gathered, we can clearly say that she lives a simple but expensive life that she has managed to put together since divorcing with Gardner.

Below are some few photos showing inside her house and compound, enough proof that her Yahaya home is not any average home!

Jaydee's kitchen
Jaydee’s kitchen
Jaydee's dining room
Jaydee’s dining room

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